Borobudur Sunrise 1 Day


A truly magical way to see Borobudur is at sunrise. Using a torch, you rise up through the levels of the temple whilst it is still dark, and then can watch as the sun rises up, behind Mount Merapi in the distance. With the surrounding valleys undulating in mist, the experience is extraordinary as the complexity and scale of Borobudur comes to light. Many comment that they feel incredibly honored to be able to experience the temple with so few others. It is also both the quietest and coolest time of day to visit the temple. After exploring the temple, we enjoy coffee break before cycling


The route start through non-touristy area, through the rice field, traditional house, traditional market, and many more. This is a best Borobudur bike tour in Borobudur as well a fun Bike tour, as you will get in touch with Javanese people, culture, and nature.

Pawon – Mendut Temple

The tour will be continue after cycling tour. The place is reach by car within 10 minutes from finish point. Our activity would spend approximately 2 hours on the Temples. Bring your own Camera because we have professional local guide who will lead you on this historical temple and show you some good spots to take picture.


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