Elo Rafting - White Rafting Around Borobudur -

Elo Rafting - White Rafting Around Borobudur -

1 Day


Elo's Rafting - White Water Rafting -

The challenge and fun of rafting explodes on Elo River, 10 minutes from Borobudur, set among spectacular dense jungle and enormous valley cliff. The entertaining adventure course is set through super rapids and cascading waterfalls, setting your team for a memory of a lifetime. Everyone’s involved in making this day an activity that shares the laughs and challenge from start to finish. Another Elo is Progo river that offer higher grade of rafting adventure. daily rafting serves 09.00 AM and 14.00 PM.

The Price Package per person include:

Entrance, admission, donation and parking fees.
Excellent English Speaking Guide.
Private deluxe air conditioned transportation.
Min. 2 persons. (KIMS holder or Indonesian)